Do we need Jesus more during an epidemic?

A sad girl looks out the window due to social distancing during virus epidemic.

You need Jesus.  You always did.  A week ago you didn’t know how much.  A week from now you’ll need Him more.

What changed?

What did you cling to before?  What was your hope?  It was always Jesus, but was there something else too? 

Was it Jesus but also I get to leave the house and go spend time with my friends?   Was it Jesus but also I get to eat at a restaurant?  Was it Jesus but also I can find toilet paper at the store? 

Can there still be joy?

Our lives are being pruned, whittled down, can we still be happy?  Is there still joy to be found when the kids are at home 24/7? 

Our extravagant, superfluous lives are being tested.  They will be tested yet more.  We will find out what is necessary to life. 

We will find out what we can do without, even if we do not want to do without it.

There is much we do that is nice but not necessary.  Necessary meaning that it belongs to the essence of life. We will have to adjust, compensate, compromise.

What will you celebrate?

No doubt when this is over we will celebrate.  We will celebrate our newly regained freedom.

But also, I hope we will celebrate that as the static of life outside faded away in the midst of our home-bound exile that we found our Savior again. 

We found the one that upholds the universe by the word of his power.  We found the one who through His Spirit pours love into our hearts.

We found the one who is before all things, who has all things under His feet. Who controls the path of wind, storm, and virus.  May we seek Him with all our heart.