We have been blessed with a lovely building.  Leigh Street Baptist Church met at this location beginning in 1853 and has gifted their building to us.  While the church is not its building, a building is a significant platform to be used by the church to do ministry and we are profoundly grateful for this gift.

Keep in mind there are parts of the building that pre-date the Civil War.  All the parts pre-date any of our members.  There are many places in the building that are in need of paint, repair, and updating.  Please be patient with us as we continue to “move in”.  We have a dedicated and proficient building team that is busy prioritizing and budgeting for all the various needs.  So please understand that while we plan to have everything fixed, this will take time.  If you would like to help, please let us know!  In the mean time, please pardon our dust.


The entrance to the parking lot is in an alley directly behind the church off of Leigh Street.  You may also park on the street.

Fun fact: As you drive down the alley you will pass under a building supported by columns.  That building holds over 1200 pipes for the organ.