When you enter the sanctuary, you will be greeted by friendly people who will help you find your way in.  Our nursery will be to the right and someone will help you find it for your little ones ages 5 and under.

Our worship service is for the whole family.  You may put your toddler or baby in the nursery, but they are also welcome to stay with you during worship.

In our bulletin you will see that we have quite a bit of participation from the congregation.  Everything that will happen in the service is written for you there.  This helps everyone be able to know what to expect and to participate in the whole worship service.  While there will be some variation in the liturgy over the course of the year, enough will be repeated that even your little ones who cannot yet read will memorize the liturgy and be able to participate.

If you do not know Jesus, or are not sure you do, you are certainly welcome.  You will not be required to do anything and if all you want to do is watch and see what goes on, you will not be embarrassed for doing so.  God rewards those who seek Him (Heb 11:6), and so I hope you find what you are looking for as you visit with us.


You may be concerned about what to wear.  Worship is not a time to show off your finest clothes and accessories (1 Pet. 3:3; Luke 20:46).  We are to come before God with humility (1 Pet 5:5) and an understanding that the only clothing that God is impressed with is the robe of the righteousness of Jesus Christ (Col. 3:10).  This means we come without pretense, and with a recognition that our own sin would make us ugly before God were it not for the clothing of Christ.

In light of that, we would rather you come with a broken heart than a bowtie (Ps 57:17).  Please do be considerate of others, and show love in your clothing, but do not be overly concerned with what you are wearing.  Worshipping Jesus Christ should be your focus, rather than your “outfit” for the day.


Restrooms are on the lower level.  The Men’s room is at the front of the building (below the back of the sanctuary) and the Women’s is at the back of the building (below the stage area).  Anyone will be happy to help you find the restroom.